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Prit Home Furniture is an Indian based leading trusted furniture Manufacturer and Wholesaler. The story of Priti Home started with the vision of making home and office spaces beautiful with exquisite Furniture pieces. We started with a small catalogue and today we offer a diverse range of Furniture Products for your office and home manufactured with top grade craftsmanship and quality.

Our success story is built on our shared values and principles that lie at the very core of our corporate objectives. Made in India, Timeless Elegance, Innovation, unique Designs Comfort, Quality, Innovative Consistency, Contemporary , Quality and  Durability is our strategic model that has led Priti Home furniture to be recognised as one of the great , trusted and renowned wholesale names of quality furniture. 

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Furniture Supplier in India

Purchasing Furniture in our country is often associated with expensive prices, shaking the budget of a common person. The furniture market is too expensive and the people in India get a raw and unfair deal. Purchasing a Wardrobe or Bed or Dining Sets which are ideally a necessity of the home has become a luxury item with the involvement of huge investment. At Priti Home, our vision is to deliver Furniture at affordable prices. We believe Furnishing your home or office spaces should not be a financial burden for anyone. We have witnessed that people in our country often compromise on looks and designs for good quality furniture or let go of quality to find the best item to match their taste. We want to bridge the gap between quality, style, and affordability with our exclusive furniture collection. We are here to offer beautifully and aesthetically crafted high-quality furniture at the most affordable prices.

Wholesale Furniture in India

Indian furniture industry has changed day by day, offering an even bigger variety of styles, modern furniture production processes, and faster manufacturing turnaround. Merging our expertise in design, in-house production facility, export, and delivery supply chain, we give you furniture exports.
All wholesale and individual orders are fully customizable and affordable. We are a Jodhpur based furniture exporter company covering all furniture items - coffee table, office table, wardrobes, TV units, study tables, bookshelves, and many more. We have years of experience in the export of all kinds of handcrafted furniture, Antique furniture and industrial furniture, etc.

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By buying products in bulk you can save money through discounts that wholesale get with larger orders.

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We are a passionate and dedicated team bringing a new way to buy furniture: cutting out the fuss so you can get beautifully made pieces at a price to suit you. With our extensive experience in the furniture industry as a renowned furniture manufacturer, and wholesaler and with our established craftsmanship; We strive for originality and uniqueness to help our customers create a strong impact on their spaces. Our concept is to offer our customers from all over the country high-quality, contemporary, unique furniture at an affordable price. Our exclusive furniture collection offers our customers endless options for every space of the home and office.

We are specialized and more precise in what we do on a daily basis and collaborate with our stakeholders to make Indian spaces more pleasing than ever. Our employees are our strength and we are grateful to all our craftsmen and artisans who are always there for us to create delightful furniture masterpieces. We are leading furniture supplier in India.

All our Furniture Masterpieces focus on satisfying your furniture requirements by combining the best parts of traditional aesthetics, contemporary style, and minimalist features. Every aspect of our Furniture Design expresses a contemporary lifestyle with slick lines to emphasize modern simplicity with a traditional touch. Our furniture pieces help you to make your Spaces look luxurious and comfortable.

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We are obsessed with our customers to offer them the best; Customers are at the center of everything we do at Priti Home Furniture wholesaler in India. We strive to provide innovative solutions in all our initiatives to all our customers. We work to build a long-term and strong relationship with our customers and to delight them through our furniture masterpieces. Our objective is to set the global benchmark for customer satisfaction and happiness. We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy in the way we operate. We follow high standards of governance in all our manufacturing activities. We communicate transparently with all our customers and stakeholders to give them high-quality furniture products at affordable prices. When we take any decision or make mistakes, we are upfront and honest about owning up to the same.

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